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In 2000, Lord BARTH who was at that period a member of the late AD MORTEM IN AETERNUM (symphonic black metal) decided to breed a new project he was to be the only member of. As he really wished to offer an innovative approach and not to play the same stuff he used to play in his former bands, he promised himself to renew a musical scene he thought to be somehow choking because of its sterility.

It thus took him a few months to compose 4 pieces of Norwegian like traditional black metal, in which he also added heavy metal elements and folk music parts. The idea was to create a semi length opus, with a concept based on the mythical aspect of the sea, as well as on the mystical interpretation of travels and on the quests of the unknown.

Being a great admirer of Moorcock, Lord Barth took the name of the divine entity representing seas and oceans in the "Cycle of Elric" and thus baptised his band Straasha. The major influence of that masterpiece is spread all over the chapters that compose the epic story of Vaarg, a sailor in quest of the soul of his father lost at sea, the so called Vy'rr who disappeared years ago.

These songs were recorded from September 2001 to February 2002, and are presented as a single track lasting approximately 30 minutes and divided in several chapters telling us the story of this fictional hero.

In October 2002, STRAASHA is signed by Melancholia Records.
A mini-album is then released, in the Digipack Split-CD shared with NUMENOR.

This digipack is available in the Melancholia Records online shop, and in many shops and mailorders.

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